Pilot VAF to MAF converter with bluetooth interface

By | 2016/02/01


Pilot VAF to MAF converter

allows  you  to  convert an existing Volume Air Flow Meter to a Mass Airflow Meter.

Why convert from the existing Volume Air Flow arrangement to a Mass Air Flow setup?
Anyone whose ever looked at the OEM Vane/ Volume Air Flow (VAF) sensor knows that it is a restrictive device by its very design.

The calibration of this sensor is VOLUME meaning that the sensor is largely temperature-insensitive (note however that a mass conversion occurs in PCM and IAT plays a big role in that). The mass of the ingested air is obtained from calibration tables as well as an IAT (Intake Air Temperature) sensor in the VAF and barometric pressure sensor in the PCM.

If the VAF has one redeeming quality it is that it is very sensitive to small airflow changes at low levels of airflow. Thus, at idle, the sensor very effectively tells the PCM of minor changes in airflow which results in a nice smooth idle and very efficient fuel metering.

The problem arises from the way the device measures airflow. Since the core  or flap moves backward against a calibrated spring, a not-inconsiderable force is required to hold the core open at high-levels of airflow. This force is provided by the incoming air. In return, the airflow loses pressure and velocity which reduces the amount of air ingested by the engine.

In contrast, a Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor from practically any other  engine is largely a straight through affair. This device uses two resistive  elements that sample only a portion of the incoming air. A temperature differential is kept between these two wires. As air flows over them, it tends to cool them. The electronics measures how much additional current is required to maintain the temperature and translates this to a voltage ranging from 0.1V to about 4.5V. Since only a portion of the air is sampled, the MAF is a very-much less restrictive measuring device.

The VAF  meter also  has a problem with а damaging  resistive track inside it.

Restrictive VAF  or non-restrictive MAF – what is your choice ?

Restrictive VAF Snesor

Typicaly the VAF Sensors also have a problem with  damaging potentiometer track  because they are  old, which gives poor idle , engine stall etc.

Or look at the new style  non-restrictive MAF  sensor

The Converter

The brains of the conversion is a RISC microcontroller clocked at 12.8-MHz. This device reads the MAF sensor and calculates the equivalent volume of air, scaled to the OEM VAF sensor’s characteristic from a special table of conversion. This calculated volume is then used to create a voltage signal which is sent to the PCM. The system is designed such that the PCM thinks the airflow is being measured by a VAF, necessitating no changes be made to the PCM itself.

The converter  supports two operating modes:

1)Simple mode for  VAF meters with reference voltage  in range of 0-5V

2)Universal mode  for VAF meters  with reference voltage in range of 0-12V  on LE-jetronic and other old style  engine management systems.

Also this version of the converter  has an  additional precision DAC for  best perfomance.

The converter has an upgradable firmware future, so if we’ll add some new features  to software or firmware  you can download and  make upgrade for  free very easy.

The IAT Sensor
The IAT (intake air temperature sensor) is located within the VAF. Once the VAF is removed from the car, so too is the IAT sensor. This clearly presents a problem since the PCM requires the IAT (along with the volume & barometric pressure) to calculate the mass of incoming air from the volume reading. The better way to resolve this problem is  to  remove original IAT sensor form VAF and install it in intake tube. And connect corresponding signal  to IAT input of the converter.
Also  you can connect engine coolant tempertaure sensor (ECT) and aplly corrections based on IAT and ECT readings

Bottom view


Examples of  VAF to MAF conversion

For example  let’s install Pilot VAF/MAf  and MAF Bosch 0 280 217 533(BMW e38 M62TU)  on BMW e34 m30b30 engine, all photos and conversion table made by igor90935 also  here is  he’s project on russian

I’ll try to translate it to you, and explain how to install it.  Also you can find a lot of projects and conversion tables  on russian part of our forum

Also you can find some projects on english part of our forum


On last photo he install the Pilot VAF to MAF converter in special case and  put it near ECU 🙂
and here is he’s conversion tables   

Pilot VAF to  MAF converter pinout
Board V2

Board V1

in bluetooth version there is no USB connector.


Installation and Tuning

For tuning  the conversion table  you’ll need  to connect converter to the PC via bluetooth ( password 1234) and use Pilot Configurator Software. This Software has build-in  dashboard ,  table editor, Data Logger, Compare Tables util and other feauteres.


1. Measure the output and the reference  voltage  of  VAF at the engine idle. Recalculate the output voltage of the VAF  to the ADC / DAC (digital signal converter)  readings of converter according to the formula

ADC = (Uoutput / Ureference) * 255

In fuel injection systems, where the reference voltage is not applied to the VAF((or exits from the VAF ), the output signal is typically in the 0-5V range , and a 5V is taken as Ureference.

Typically BMW Motronic VAF uses 5V reference voltage,  BMW LE-Jetronic VAF poduces reference voltage to the ecu typically 6-10V, Mazda EFI 5V or 6-10V in different versions etc.  If you need help with this measuring – ask on forum.

2.Fill in the conversion  table  with the resulting ADC value or use 1:1Table from menu.

For 4-cylinder engines on the tab “Conversion table” set the “MAF smoothing factor» = 5
Save table to the file and to the converter, don’t forget to give supply voltage  to the converter,  before writing table to it.

Table Graph → 1:1
For 4-cylinder engines on the tab “Conversion table” set the “MAF smoothing factor» = 5
Conversion Table → File→Save
Converter→Write table to converter( don’t forget to give supply voltage to the converter before it )

For example we have measured VAF output at idle =0.8V and reference voltage=5V for BMW e34 m30b30 BOSCH Motronic,
so ADC =(0.8/5)*255=40.8 ~41
Now let’s null and fill in all table cells with this value, and after that save it to the file and to the converter.

3.Warm up the engine to operating temperature with standard  VAF.
After that delete VAF and install MAF + Converter  following one of the schematics bellow.
If standard VAF absent or broken,  you can install MAF +Converter and  warmup the engine by using correction function of Pilot Configurator and manually adjusting  RPM and mixture

Installation schematic for VAF with output voltage in 0-5V range and reference voltage 5v ( or without reference voltage) like BMW Motronic


Install jumper JP1 to 1-2 position ( see converter pinout figure). The  VAF’s incoming air temperature sensor must be replaced by a constant resistor. The resistance of this resistor should be the same as the resistance of the  intake air temperature sensor at  20 °C , for most injection systems suitable resistor 2-2.7KOhm.
Installation schematic for VAF with output voltage in 0-12V range and reference voltage 6-12v ( produced by VAF) like BMW LE-Jetronic  or old Mazda EFI

Install jumper JP1 to 1-2 position ( see converter pinout figure).
Disconnect the VAF and measure the resistance between the ground and  the reference voltage (R1-2) and the resistance between  the reference and supply voltages R2-3. Collect the resistive voltage divider by using resistors with nominal power not less than 0.5W R1 = R1-2 and R2 = R2-3. Connect the divider according to the scheme above.

For both schemes

The Oxygen Sensor(OS) output signal is the composition of the mixture- must be connected to the #3 input of the converter, and the need to temporarily disable this signal from the ECU. Turning off the OS signal from the ECU need to ECU did not make any mixture corrections. After you tune the conversion table do not forget to restore the OS signal to the ECU.

4. Turn on the ignition.
In the Pilot Configurator, select the appropriate COM port that is connected to the converter. After that, click the “DashBoard” tab.

If you have made the installation by using the second scheme( for VAF in 0-12 range like Jetronic), the configurator will generate an error reading table because the converter will be de-energized prior to the engine start. In this case, open the prepared table in paragraph 2 from file.

5.Turn on the starter and quickly press the arrow keys ↑ or ↓ a few times, in this case the dashboard will startup, and you’ll see a red square running on a graph – the current modeline point( an accordance of MAF  and Converter’s output).

6. Use the arrow keys ↑ and ↓ until you get a stable operation of the engine at idle, if necessary, keep engine running with these keys. Likewise, you can warm up the engine, if standard VAF is damaged or missing.

7. Upon reaching the engine operating temperature  check “AUTO” correction in the dashboard tab.

In this case Pilot Configurator software will automatically calculate and set the optimum window of correction for a given point of the regime.
Also it will  try to  autotune AFR to  O2ref. value.

8. Also you can tune mixture maually by uncheking Autocorrection box, then wait for a 1-2 seconds for the installation of the window of correction.
Use the arrow keys ↑ and ↓(or correction), and the indications of the  O2 (oxygen sensor signal) until the optimal composition of the mixture, in this case the color of the O2 will be green or yellow. The blue color of O2 indicates lean mixture, red-the rich Mixture.

In some cases, you can not just get to the yellow-green range, then you must make the mixture lean(blue) and slowly enrich the mixture to a transition in the rich area (red). The correction value at the transition point of a mixture of rich and lean is optimal.
After you have tune the mixture in current point, press “Enter” key on the keyboard, in this case the correction will be applied to the appropriate section of the table and new table will be loaded into the converter’s RAM memory.

9. Add a little accelerator pedal and tune the  mixture into the new regime point, etc. Do not forget to  press the Enter after tuning each point in manual mode. In autocorrection mode dont press any keys.  When  you will tune some points  on road in motion you may need help mate.

10. After you tune the entire table, save it to  the file and to the converter.
If you accidentally turn off the ignition, or a  program failure has occurred, you can use file RAM.tab This file contains the backup table that had been written into the converter at the last press Enter.

11. Check the reaction to the quick opening of the throttle. With the quick opening of the throttle there should not be a strong lag. If there is strong lag, then for the four-cylinder engines need to reduce a bit the MAF smoothing ( set higher value , 100- minimum smoothing 1-maximum smoothing). You can also try to adjust the acceleration enrichment parameters at the “conversion table” tab.

12. Reconnect the signal wire of the oxygen  sensor to the ECU.
Congratulations, the installation is complete!

Management and navigation on the charts
Hold the left mouse button + drag left and down to zoom. To return to the original scale – left mouse button + drag to the right and upward

Hold the right mouse button and drag the graph with the mouse.

Editing points
All significant points on the graphs can be dragged with the mouse, with a table containing all the changes on the fly.

Double click
If the point is outside the visible area of the graph, make a double left-click, and it appears at the cursor position. Then just tighten where necessary.

The context menu of graphs (right mouse button)
1. Turns off / on the points
2. Turns off / on the tips (not all charts)
3. Disable / enable the corresponding curves


Drivers and Software

Tuning Software  Pilot Configurator (English+Russian interface)

Product Options
1Shipping worldwide via Airmail(14-30 days) already included!$75.00

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98 thoughts on “Pilot VAF to MAF converter with bluetooth interface

  1. Daniel

    Awesome piece of hardware if it helps to change VAF to MAF without any other expensive engine management system. Would be an english version of PilotConfigurator?

    1. Pin Post author

      Hello. I think english version of installation guide and Pilot Configurator will be ready at first days of november.

    2. Pin Post author

      I have translated Pilot Configurator 🙂
      Now I need to translate Installation Guide.

  2. oliph

    I could not find the price. Kindly info me please.

    1. Pin Post author

      Please wait for the end of this week, i’ll finish to write the installation manual and add this product to the shop. Also i think there will be a special offer to you and Daniel 🙂 Also i have added onboard USB interface ( russian version works through COM port) 🙂

  3. josh95mx

    This seems too good to be true! I am looking at changing to OBDII for use of MAF but this would be a lot easier. Do you have the English version of manual done?
    Thank you

    1. Pin

      Believe me it’s true 🙂 On which car do you want to install it ?
      Installation Instructions are in the post above- look at “installation and tuning” section.
      I added new pictures of converter. Now it’s available on the factory boards.
      Also in the new tuning software added function for self learning the conversion table.

    2. Pin

      Believe me it’s true 🙂 On which car do you want to install it ?
      Installation Instructions are in the post above- look at «installation and tuning» section.
      I added new pictures of converter. Now it’s available on the factory boards.
      Also in the new tuning software added function for self learning the conversion table.

  4. geoffrey

    will the vaf to maf work on a toyota pickup 93 obd1?

  5. Brandon Karkoska

    Will this work on a 93 Land cruiser? The vaf voltage is inverted, 5v near idle and 0v near wot. Also, almost all modern mass air meters have iat built in so why is iat fixed with a resistor? This will give incorrect load calculations at different temps.

    1. Pin

      Yes it will work with TLC 93. On modern MAF’s iat uses for other purposes. You need constant resistor because you install MASS airflow meter instead of VOLUME/vane airflow meter. MAF measures mass of air directly (no matter what temperature and pressure).

  6. W.Alves

    Hello friend, I work with repairing VAF line Le-Jetronic have enough trouble finding the plates as your picture (1 288 310 053) and also (1 288 310 505/508) (1 288 310 526) if you have a converter for these systems have great interest, if you would like to buy the plates.

    I have great demand for parts for this system, we can make a great partnership.

    I’m in Brazil – Sao Paulo


    1. Pin

      We have not plates.
      Only PCB for convert oldstyle VAF to new MAF.
      Soon will be available kits with magnet and sensor , which you can install in old VAF and get contactless readings of it’s position.

  7. Tolland

    Hello I am interested in purchasing this converter for my 1976 standard beetle that uses bosh L-jetronic. while this still uses a vaf the system lacks an O2 sensor. Is an O2 sensor necessary to the tuning of this conversion system? Also when do you think the magnet conversion will be done?

    1. Pin

      O2 sensor needs to be installed for tuning. Without O2 sensor it is not possible to tune it properly.
      I think contactless conversion kit will be done in january-february 2017.
      Can you make a photos of under cover view of your VAF?
      Also i need to know its part #.

  8. Henk

    I am interested in this as well 1993 Tarago or Previa TCR10
    Is there instructions that just has a list of what I need and where to buy it.
    Instructions of what to do and no between time wasting notes.
    Just simple buy that and install it like this. Keeping it simple.

    1. Pin

      We not have simple instructions and buy list.
      Now developing new software.
      Those who bought this converter used schematic above to connect it.
      Tuning software Pilot Configurator is very simple, and do a lot of tuning work in automatic mode.
      So you will need some MAF with known pinout.
      Connect ground, signal and supply voltage of maf and converter together and connect output of cobverter to ECU. Thats all for simple connection.

  9. Bartos

    Bmw 318is e36 94′
    the question is:
    m42b18 stand for Maf would like to pass this

  10. Bartos

    how to
    Pc about uploading the program to the converter

    1. Pin

      I didn’t understand your question
      Do you want to update firmware or do you want to write conversion table to the converter?
      Do you need an instructions how to do it or do you need the software ?

  11. Khairul Amri Yaacob

    Im interested with the item but it you guys dont ship to malaysia..issit possible if we arrange something for this. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

    1. Pin

      We can ship it to Malaysia.
      But we have not paypal here.
      So you can pay only via WeternUnion, MoneyGram or Bitcoin 🙂

  12. Gavin Morris

    Ok can this work on a 944 Porsche 1983 …. my workshop is full of broken maf. In need 1 288 310054 cards to fix or this vaf system but I’m told the ecu can’t talk ….to plug and play …to old

    1. Pin

      If ECU not damaged and only vaf board is worn out – yes this converter will work.
      It seems that there is an le- jetronic system on this Porche. The best and simple solution for this system is to istall contactless sensor in original vaf and tune it’s output characteristic with this converter.

      If you will install maf+ this converter on LE-jetronic , there could be needed to replace fuel injectors with a new set with higher perfomance.

    1. Pin

      Output at pin 8 is not PWM, it is analog aoutput of ADC ic installed on board.

      The price is already as minimum as possible and includes shipping cost. Moreover it is promo price , in future it will be higher.

  13. Filippo

    I sent to you a mail to know if it is possibile to use this device also on a Lucas type injection of a rover v8. Also to know of tuo could provide contactless potentiometer for my application.

    1. VXYqc4fS

      Sorry for delay, i sent an answer to your email.

  14. Justin

    Can this be used to convert a VAF to alpha-n using the tps and iat input for an individual throttle body set up?

    1. Pin

      It can not be used for aplha-n. Only for replacing old vaf with a new maf

  15. Ray Russell

    Hello I’m after your fantastic product for my e30 m3
    Do you have the magnet set up ready yet ?

  16. Ray Russell

    Hiya guys have you released your magnet version of you conversion yet? I’m interested in one for my e30 m3 . It would really benefit from a new style airmass meter

  17. Pin

    The version with onboard magnet is not ready yet.
    At this moment you can use as angle sensor some contactless TPS from LADA or Daewoo + this converter.

  18. greg

    i am interested in using vaf to maf on 1989 volkswagen vanagon. will it work on this? VAF part number is
    bosch # 0 280 202 079
    vw# 025 906 301c
    bosch number on contact board is 1 288 310 051
    also do you have a contactless conversion kit available?

    1. Pin

      This converter will perfectly work on VW.
      You can replace 0280202079 with some Siemens 5WK series air flow meter.
      Contactless version is not available yet.

          1. gregory a labate

            i am getting back around to this project . does the 5wk 9 635 work on a vw vanagon/transporter without the need of the converter, or is the converter still needed.

          2. Pin

            5wk 9 635 will work only with the converter

  19. Peter

    Hello ,
    Can you tell me if this will work for 86 mode porsche 911 3.2 litre.
    I am in Australia so do you know which maf is most common to use
    and,Do you have paypal setup at all ?

    1. Pin

      As i understand there is an LE-Jetronic EFI, if yes then this converter will work.
      On engines with displacement more than 2.5L our clients form CIS typically uses BOSCH 0 280 217 533.
      It is not problem to send it in Australia, already send several converters there 🙂
      In our country we have not paypal here.
      Also for LE JEtronic soon will be ready converter board with a contactless sensor ,which could be installed inb genuine waf so user will get tunable immortal air flow meter.

  20. Miko

    can i use this conversion for my 95 Ford Probe GT (v6)?
    Regards from Germany

  21. Pin

    Yes you can use it on KL engine. As i know on the KL engines an air flow meter has an inverted characteristics – so don’t forget to choose it in tuning software.

  22. Alejandro


    Do you recommend Bosch 0 280 217 533 air flow meter or Siemens 20.3855 for a m20b25 engine (2.5L 12valve)? Thank you.

    Cheers from France

    1. Pin


      I recommend to use Siemens 20.3855 because it has less pulsations of output signal as it can’t measure back airflow. Bosh Hfm5 airflowmeters has more pulsations in output signal as they can measure backflows.
      As i know Siemens20.3855 is available only on russian market and it is a copy of 5WK 9 635, don’t know is it available in France or not. If not then you can use other airflowmeter 5wk series from some opel or other vehicle, the main criteria of the choise – it should be from engine with nearly same displacement and power as your m20b25? then it will work good.

      1. Alejandro

        Hello !!

        Finally I found the right afm. As you wrotte, Siemens 20.3855 do not exist in Europe. So I found another one wich corresponding to 20.3855…the result was 0 280 210 037 Bosch. Used in a fiat diesel engines (jtd) or somme opel diesel engines.

        However, I have an additional doubt related to wiring your device… Should I connect rpm info to your device? If yes, should I catch the info from dashboard or from cps sensor ? Thank you a lot

        Best regards

        1. Pin

          Bosh is a HFM5 sensor it has more pulsations at output signal.
          As you will install it on 6cyl engine – pulsations will be less and not critycal, but on 4cyl engines i strongly recommend to use some siemens 5wk series, also siemens has loger life than bosch.

          In most cases you don’t neet to connect RPM. This imut is made for future purposes if will finish frimware for MAP sensors.
          In most cases you don’t neet to connect RPM. This input is made for future purposes and if will finish firmware for MAP sensors it will be needed.

          In current firmware we use RPM+ TPS to check if the engine in forced idle mode, but in most cases it is not needed – siply just don’t use braking with engine at forced idle when you tune th beginning of a conversion table. After you tuned beginning of the conversion table at stop and low speeds, you can use braking by engine at forced idle .

          Let me know did you saw this videos on our youtube channel
          series 1 https://youtu.be/Ep1E–JcAvk
          and 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hbbUWLPTwo
          If not – please look this videos. English subtitles are available. Since this videos( for newer videos) i have added english subtitles or simplified russian subtitles, which could be correctly autotranslated to english or other language. So please check if the subtitles and information clear for understanding and let me know your opinion about it.

          Soon i will record new series about this converter and how to connect airflowmeters to the board.

  23. Alejandro

    HFM5 and 5WK series works with a high frequency output signal ? In other way, has your device the ability to convert a frequency output signal to a voltage ?

    I have at home a 5WK 7021 from the lasts Renault 1.9dci/2.0dci/2.2dci..maybe it could work. In some technical data says the output signal its been as a frequency in khz…
    Thanks a lot for your last answer!! Your videos are very well explained

    Thank you for your support 🙂

    1. Pin

      HFM5 and 5WK has a voltage output.
      HFM6 and 5wk9 7021 -frequency output signal.
      Our converter works only with voltage singal and will not work with frequency signal.

      Thnak you too 🙂

    1. Pin

      If there 2 VAFs then you will need 2 converters 🙂

  24. Paul

    Hi, very interesting… will this work on my bmw e30 with the m10 Motor ? the door on the vaf is blocked.

    How much costs your conversation kit ? and which maf should i use ?

    uhhh lots of questions….thanks!!

  25. Chandra Rizky Raharja

    Hello, i’m interested with your product, but i have some question.
    my car is e34 with m20b20 engine and there is no o2 sensor, so can i use universal o2 sensor or i must use o2 sensor for m20b20 engine, or can i use o2 sensor from similiar engine ?

    1. Pin

      Yes, you can use any universal(with a 10-15 Ohm heater) sensor for tuning.

      1. Chandra Rizky Raharja

        Do you have any references about that sensor which one should i buy ?

  26. Fran

    Good afternoon,

    I want a module to replace an AFM in my citroen cx GTI, the AFM works with 12V since it is a 1982 L-Jetronic.
    I would like to have the module that you sell but with usb to connect it to my computer.
    And one more question, with which types of MAF would it work ???
    I have a 5WK9 628 and a 5wk9 7001. thanks

    1. Pin

      At this moment we dont produce old usb version. only new bluetooth version is available.
      This device will work only with airflow meters which has output signal as different voltage signal ( not different frequency)
      Siemens 5wk series is a very good airflowmeters, which works very good on most vehicles.

  27. Adam Taylor

    Hi.. What airflow meter would you recommend to use on a 94 80 series 1fz-fe engine , if you could email me any info you have regarding the 1fz motor that would be great , any noticeable changes in fuel usage ?

  28. Mauro

    I’ve an Alfa Romeo GTV6 with an L-jetronic ECU. No O2 sensor.
    It’s possible to install this converter?

    1. Pin

      Hi, it is possible.
      But on L-jetronic it will be needed to use some Siemens 5WK series MAF.
      Also in some cases it need to replace fuel injectors with higher flow rate.
      For tuning purposes you will need to install O2 or WBO sensor.

  29. Cabriolet mk1

    Hey, great work! Are you planning on making a plug and play solution? Or something to just replace the damaged boate?
    I own a VW golf and I am looking for a solution, the thing that I dont like in your system is that I dont want to replace the sensor on a classic car, i need to keep the visual look.

    1. Pin

      At this moment i am developing a new converter with a contactless sensor.
      This contactless angle position sensor could be installed in any afm, so we will get immortal precisely tunable afm.
      The tuning software will be the same- converter will read voltage from this sensor and convert it to desired characteristics.
      What do you think about it ?

      1. Csuli

        I’m also interested in this kind of solution

  30. Kalbermatter Marc

    Good evening,
    Im interested in making a MAF conversion,
    I have an opel corsa A from 1992 wich runs on bosh motronic 1.5 (1.6l engine 8V)
    Could you tell me if this system would be compatible with my engine management system or if it doesn’t work ?
    Kind regards
    Kalbermatter Marc

    1. Pin

      Yes it will be compatible.
      On 4-cyl engine it will be needed to install siemens 5 wk series airflowmeter.
      Best Regards

  31. Kieran

    I have an st162 with 3sgte. Will this vaf to maf converter be suitable? Do i need to use the siemans 5wk maf

    1. Pin

      I think it will be better to wait a new version with contactless sensor , which could be installed inside genuine VAF.

  32. Kieran

    Do you have a list of 5wk afm’s that are suitable for use? It apears not all of them are. How can suitable ones be identified. 3 pin 5 pin other? I would like to buy one new.

  33. Tomas

    Hello, the converter will work in e30 318iS M42B18? Can i order it in your shop? Shipping to Czech Republic?
    Thanks Tomas

    1. Pin

      Yes it will work.
      I highly recommend to use siemens 5wk series airflowmeters on 4-cyl engines. Because they produce less voltage pulsations.
      No problem with shipping to Czech Republic but delivery time will be ~30-60 days( covid sloved down international postal exchange) .

  34. parzo

    Hello! I’m owner ow audi 80 ABK engine digifant – similar to VW 2e
    What should i buy to make it work. My Vaf is in good shape it dont have any problems with track. But i want it to work smoother. What should i buy to make it work, and to adapt this stuff.

    1. Pin

      Siemens 5wk series airflowmeter from some opel + Pilot VAF/MAF.

  35. Jani kangasvieri

    Helou here finland can you tell if this wil work on my motronic 1.5 opel senator b c30se engine

  36. Simon Treacy

    I am looking to order (delivery to Ireland) and install on 1988 Porsche 944 2.5 NA to remove restrictive VAF and replace with MAF. I have read through the comments and see with L-jetronic you recommend uprated fuel injectors when conversion to MAF is done. Is this due to fuel injectors running out of duty cycle? Possibly be solved with increasing fuel pressure

    Also, you recommend siemens 5wk for 4 cylinder engines but over 2.5 litres Bosch 0 280 217 533 is also recommended. What do you recommend for 4 cylinder 2.5 na engine?

    Last question, there is no 02 sensor installed in Porsche 944. Do you recommend Wideband or narrowband to be installed?


    1. Pin

      In most cases increasing of fuel pressure doesn’t help to enrich mixture as it needed.
      Therefore, I warn in advance that it may be necessary to replace the injectors. However, on some cars this is not necessary – the genuine injectors do quite well.
      Anyway you will need to adjust a resistive voltage divider for reference voltage( it affects on mixture). And only if this adjustment will not help to enrich mixture on full loads, then it will be needed to replace the injectors.
      Simenes work good on 4 cyl engines, Bosch on 6 cyl- engines.
      The main issue of Bosch airflowmeters is that it can measure back airflow, therefore on 4 cyl engines we are getting a lot of pulsations in output signal.
      If we use high smoothing factor( in the tuning software) for a such signal, we will get a bad response on rapidly throttle opening.
      That ‘s why i recommend to use Siemens 5wk on 4 cyl engines.
      On 6 cyl engine it doesent matter what airflowmeter to use – they don’t produce a lot of pulsations in ariflow and signal of any airflowmeter is very smooth.
      Sorry but I can’t recommend any airflowmeter because , don’t know your local market and what models do you have there.
      About oxygen sensor – if you have enough money it will be better to install wideband sensor such as Innovate or AEM.
      It will give you more precise data about mixture at fully opened throttle. Also tuning at hight loads will be very simple and precise.


  37. joao Goncalves

    hello, are you still available for sale? is it compatible with a bmw e30 m20b20? which maf recommend?

      1. joao Goncalves

        ok, thanks. i can use a aem series x 30-0344 wideband for afr signal? because i remove original o2 sensor. aem series x only use 0v-5v signal, the dme only use narrowsignal and in this car tps is only a switch, not a variavel tps. is not problem? thanks for the help

        1. Pin

          Yes – it supports 0-5V sensors.
          For conversion you don’t need tps at all and only minimum y 4 wires – ground , supply, maf input and converter output.

  38. Fran

    Hello! would the converter work with a siemens 5wk9 7001 maf? I don’t know if it works with voltage or frequency. Thanks !!

    1. Pin

      The converter works onnly with a voltage type input signal( not frequency).
      The output signal of the converter is a voltage, and also we have test firmware with output signal as frequency
      http://forum.pilotpowersupply.com/showthread.php?p=9663 ( please use goole translate)

      5wk9 should be a voltage type, but I am not sure – it will be better to check with a multimeter or oscilloscope.

  39. Terry Martin

    Still making these?
    GOT a Probe GT, like to convert.
    Maybe phone issue but. Not seeing an order link.