How to order?

Before you  place an order, please read this page till the end carefully.

    1. We are located in  Kyrghyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan) , Bishkek city. We works since 2007 with costumers from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine , Kazkhstan, Moldova and other CIS countries. Some time ago we recieved emails from people  of Europe and USA , they ask to translate  our  products software and user manuals to English and to make english version  website,  forum and support service.    Here is it ! 🙂  You know, english isn’t  our native language, but we think that we can understand each other in most cases 🙂 We are not scammers! You can check a lot of  our costumer’s positive feedback, and helpful installation information  on  russian language  forum (  if you don’t understand russian, please  use google translate 🙂 )


    1. We provide delivery worldwide  within the KyrGyz state airmail (min.14- max30 days ).  If you want to get your goods faster than 30 days,  we can make  delivery via courier services such as EMS, Fedex, DHL-in this case, the cost of delivery is usually $40-55 for every 500 gramm weight.


  1. Payment is accepted by the money transfer systems:
    Most of these systems  is  almost in any bank, also you can make online money transfer from your credit-card. The amount of commission(fee) for the transfer should check on the links above.

  2. Before ordering goods, please read the technical specifications  of the goods and make sure it meets your requirements.

  3. Add the item you are interested in your cart and proceed to the payment page order. Fill in all required fields. Make sure that you have correctly entered e-mail, delivery address, recipient’s name and other details. Do not forget to include your phone number (cell and / or city) in the international format (it will be shown on the package.)
    In the additional information provide a system through which you would like to make a payment, as well as additional matters (if any).

  4. We will contact you as soon as possible.
    If in the additional information field you do not specify any other questions, we will give you details for payment. If you have any questions, first we will try to answer them, and only after you confirm your order you will get the details for payment.
    Please note: within three working days  after you  receipt  your details  of payment, you must make money transfer, otherwise your order is canceled  and you will need to confirm it again.

  5. When we have  received the money,  we will send the goods to the company of the carrier within 3 (three) working days. Delivery time depends on the company’s carrier. After that, we’ll  give you tracking number of package. Tracking is only possible if your country’s mail service provides tracking of mail on its website. Mail service of Kyrgyzstan does not provide tracking of mail, so you’ll have to wait some time (usually 8-14 days) while package hits to the territory of your country.
    If within 31 days of receipt of your tracking number or  shipping confirmation, you have not received a parcel, by all means contact us at one of the addresses below.
    Pilot Engineering, before sending the products, makes a thorough check of their performance. Pilot Engineering ensures the absence of such defects that would lead to the inability to use the product for its intended purpose, or infringement of the functionality of the goods.

  6. Once you receive the ordered goods, please confirm receipt by e-mail to any of the following e-mail addresses.

Contact us

If you have any questions, or incorrectly functioning shopping online and you can not make an order, write a letter to one of these addresses

Issues of sales, payment, delivery and ordering

Technical Support


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16 thoughts on “How to order?

  1. Grant Pearce

    Hi I’m looking at doing a VAF to Maf conversion for a Toyota 80 series 1993 model 1fz-fe engine. Can I use your vaf to maf converter for my model vehicle?

  2. Kemal

    Здравствуйте,есть пару вопросов можете дать ваш whatsaaap или номер ,я из Бишкека +996552669960

  3. Mantas

    Nobody answers about order emails, what to do?

    1. Pin

      Sorry for delay with answer i was on a vacation.
      Please check your email inbox – i sent replies.

      1. György Borzok

        Is this still available? How often do you check your email inbox?
        Thanks your answer in advance.

  4. Ranaivo R. Rindra

    hello, do you accept paypal ?
    many thanks

    1. Pin

      paypal is not available( officially prohibited by local law) in our country and also they are scammers- we don’t trust to paypal.
      If WU or Moneygram is not available for you, we can accept payments via litecoin or USDT( binance direct transfer)

  5. Giuseppe

    Good evening I need your MAF vaf converter to repair my 1984 bmw e30 320i car. I wanted to know if possible to pay with PayPal and cost of the kit with shipping in Italy. Thanks

    1. Pin

      We don’t accept paypal – it is not available in our country.
      We accept WU and crypto USDT Tether.

      What is injection system on your car – motronic or jetronic ?

  6. Robert Ohlsson

    I have a 1993 BMW series3 e36 with M40B18 Motor uses Bosch 0280202134 AFM.

    I would like to use this MAF 5WK9007 5WK9007Z 13621730033 1730033 6106083SX 20936756 9011201 8ET009142091

    Is it possible?
    Thank you!


    1. Robert Ohlsson

      I have ordered the converter, after reading the instructions, it seems like it will work, Thank you!

      1. Pin

        Hi Robert,
        The conversion on 5wk series is possible, moreover for 4 cyl engines 5wk works much better than bosch hfm5 type.
        As i see on your aliexpress URL and as i understood you also want to order chinese copy of 5wk – this is not a good idea.
        Chinese airflometers works within 1 -2 year and then dies.
        I sent pictures of other new solution to your emai – i haven’t translate to English the description of this new converter yet, but the tuning software is the same.
        Soon will add description of the new solution here.

  7. Jimmy Loh


    I want to convert a BMW E34 M20B20 manual, which MAF should I buy to do the conversion?

    1. Pin

      Hi Jimmy,
      On 6 cyl engines you can use Bosch 0 280 217 533.

      Or you can install contacless sensor in your genuine VAF – check installation manual cor contactless version ( yellow tab on the same page of pilot vaf maf converter) .
      I am not finished to write description yet. But you can check there how all works by looking at pictures.

  8. Taylor Hayes

    Trying to convert from VAF to MAF on Toyota Land Cruiser 1994 80 series. Are you still selling the converters and would you be able to assist with install?

    1. Pin

      Hi. Yes – still selling, but accept payment only via cryto Tether USDT ( trc20 network).
      Here all needed info and example of conversion almost the same vehicle

      We dont provide total assistance and you should understand what you are doing and how all this work. But if there will be some difficulties – you can open your own thread at aour forum and post there questions.