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Audi 80 TYP b3 1.8L 90PS quattro funny car

Hi guys i bought  a new “lego”. This vehicle is a real “lego” for adult children %) I have added to this video simplified subtitles on russian, so it could be correctly autotranslated on english and other languages. In video settings please enable subtitles “russian” and check autotranslate to english or other language and ejoy… Read More »

Pilot TPS Converter – Contactless Throttle Position sensor for Mono Motronic and Mono Jetronic ( VW/AUDI, Fiat, Citroen, Peugeot, Lancia

Pilot TPS Converter is intended to replace the rare / expensive resistive throttle position sensors (TPS) and their actuators. At your request we can develop such a sensor to other models of cars or motorcycles. The main problem of resistive TPS is wear resistive tracks, and  failure or discrepancy between the desired signal in a… Read More »