Repairing a Bosch alternator. Replacing bearings. Audi 80 b3 quattro

Please enable subtitles in video options – “Russian + autotranslate to your language”. In the previous video about replacing the timing belt, we found a huge gap in the front bearing of the generator. In addition, it  has strange rustling-ringing sounds + howl during work. Therefore, it was decided to remove the generator and replace… Read More »

Bluetooth module hc-06 connection and solving communication problems

Please enable subtitles in video options – “Russian + autotranslate to your language”. In this video, we’ll talk about how to properly connect the Bluetooth HC-06 module to various Pilot Engineering boards. We will consider the connection on the example of the Pilot CCE catalyst emulator board. And closer to the end of the video… Read More »

Audi 80 TYP b3 1.8L 90PS quattro funny car

Hi guys i bought  a new “lego”. This vehicle is a real “lego” for adult children %) I have added to this video simplified subtitles on russian, so it could be correctly autotranslated on english and other languages. In video settings please enable subtitles “russian” and check autotranslate to english or other language and ejoy… Read More »

Pilot VAF to MAF converter with bluetooth interface

Pilot VAF to MAF converter allows  you  to  convert an existing Volume Air Flow Meter to a Mass Airflow Meter. Why convert from the existing Volume Air Flow arrangement to a Mass Air Flow setup? Anyone whose ever looked at the OEM Vane/ Volume Air Flow (VAF) sensor knows that it is a restrictive device… Read More »

Diagnostic Adapter USB- Nissan Consult + Kline OBDII + VAGCOM + Toyota DLC1 ++ bluetooth

New version Nissan Consult+Kline OBDII+VAGCOM+Toyota DLC1 + Bluetooth This diagnostic adapter is designed for  diagnosis of electronic systems of Nissan cars from 1989 to 2005 release supports diagnostic protocol Consult through 14pin diagnostic connector. OBD2 k-line VAG /AUDI  k-line vith VAGCOM  or VAG TOOL software OLD Toyota cars with DLC1 diagnostic connector   Technical characteristics… Read More »

Pilot Catalytic Converter Emulator

Pilot CCE is specially designed microprocessor based board, which provides you to correctly  remove catalytic converter from your car.This is a must-have upgrade if you have removed the catalytic converter or even installed a decat pipe, an aftermarket header, a free flow catback or high flow cat. The modified engine now produces a larger amount… Read More »