Repairing a Bosch alternator. Replacing bearings. Audi 80 b3 quattro

By | 2019/01/20

Please enable subtitles in video options – “Russian + autotranslate to your language”.

In the previous video about replacing the timing belt, we found a huge gap in the front bearing of the generator. In addition, it  has strange rustling-ringing sounds + howl during work. Therefore, it was decided to remove the generator and replace the bearings.
Along the way, I replaced the voltage regulator with a new one.
After all the manipulations – the rustling and the jingle completely disappeared, but there was a small howling at the momentum set, it seems to me that this is the sound of the propeller on the shaft, which drives the air and we will not get rid of this sound completely.

If I do not forget, I will try to bring a portable microphone there and make a video.

By the way, after installing a new voltage regulator or after replacing brushes, do not forget to measure the voltage  of  battery charging.
When the engine is running and the headlamps are on, the voltage should be between 13.5-14.5V (Depending on the voltage regulator  installed)

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