Pilot TPS Converter – Contactless Throttle Position sensor for Mono Motronic and Mono Jetronic ( VW/AUDI, Fiat, Citroen, Peugeot, Lancia

By | 2016/07/10

Pilot TPS Converter is intended to replace the rare / expensive resistive throttle position sensors (TPS) and their actuators.
At your request we can develop such a sensor to other models of cars or motorcycles.

The main problem of resistive TPS is wear resistive tracks, and  failure or discrepancy between the desired signal in a rotation range of the throttle, which results in an unstable idle or jerks in the motion at a certain position of the accelerator pedal.

Pilot TPS Converter allows you to fully solve the problem of the reliability of the reading of the angular position of the throttle:

  • In this arrangement, the throttle position reading occurs in a contactless manner (the rotation of the magnetic field), which means that such a sensor is not subject to wear and generally has a stable output characteristic.

  •  Pilot TPS Converter has on board a full set of protections against overvoltage, short circuit protection,  automotive temperature range elements.

  • Kit  comes bundled with neodymium magnet  H class (temperature up to 120 ° C)

  • In developing the final version was taken into account the experience of all previous versions, the wishes of users and critics. The main priorities in the development of the final version were delivered quality, reliability and functionality of the device, thereby creating an almost “not killed” motherboard with stable and accurate output characteristics.

Pilot TPS Converter Kit allows you to replace your old or noworking TPS on  injection systems MonoMotronic and  MonoJetronic  as showed on the next pictures


It is recommended to glue copper bushing( with magnet) to the axis of the throttle with some silicone sealant. This will prevent unwanted rotation of the bushing on its axis.

Pilot TPS Converter pinout and electrical connection diagramm


AT –signal for automatic transaxle

1– first rack output

2– second track output

REF –Refrence voltage input (4.6-5V from ECU)

12V– Supply voltage


Product Options
1Kit with bushing on axis D5mm$67.00
2Kit with bushing on axis D8mm$67.00
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30 thoughts on “Pilot TPS Converter – Contactless Throttle Position sensor for Mono Motronic and Mono Jetronic ( VW/AUDI, Fiat, Citroen, Peugeot, Lancia

  1. Mark Fan

    Hello my engine is ADZ mono moronic , which type I need choice , how about the shipping fee to Taiwan taipei

    1. Pin

      Throttle axis diameter on ADZ is 8mm.
      Shipping to Taiwan via Kyrgyzpost airmail ( 14-30 days) will be ~15-20$

      1. Mark Fan

        Thanks I got it , Do you have the cable with plug can connect to original connector?

        1. Pin

          No . We not have cable. But most users make DIY adapter with some automotive connectors like this http://i.frg.im/MVbnOJ62/262179891642-1_600.jpg
          They take one male and two females. Cut original connector and istall a new one male connector instead of it.
          One female connector is soldered to TPS PCB and other female connector is soldered to original connector to make an adapter for original tps.
          Thats all.

          If you have not same automotive connectors , we can add 3 pcs automotive connectors for 8$

  2. Mark Fan

    Hi I want purchase one D8 type TPS , at I payment use credit card?

    1. Pin

      We could not accept credit card directly.
      We accept Western Union, MoneyGram, Webmoney or Bitcoin

  3. Mark Fan

    Thanks your answer, I can find the Western Union support bank in Taipei, Could you provide your information to me, that I can remit money to you.
    Shipping fee is US$15 that’s correct ?

  4. Pin

    I am very sorry.
    I was at local post office, and they could not ship to Taiwan.
    At monday i will go to main post office, and ask about shipping to Taiwan.
    Lets wait a little bit.

  5. Alex


    is there an english manual for it?
    I am driving a Peugeot 205, 1.4 TU3M (same as in Citroen) engine.
    How do I adjust it, after installing?

    1. Pin

      Hello. I can translate some russian manual, also on youtube we have russian video, if needed i can add english subtitles.

      Istallation process is not hard:
      1) You should fully close throttle ( idle actuator rod should be fully depressed) and disconnect idle actuator connector
      2) remove old TPS after that install and glue bushing with magnet on throttle axis
      3) connect wires to new tps, remove it from magnet at distance more than 10cm and turn on ignition( power)
      When Pilot TPS doesn’t see magnet, it resets initial position and with a next power supply on it will calibrate initial position again.
      4) Turn off ignition( power supply) and install sensor on throttle body.
      5) Turn on ignition(power supply). This time sensor will calibrate initial position.
      Check voltage between 1 and gnd ( 1-st track) – this should be 0.18-0.2V
      6) Connect idle actuator, erase truble codes and adaptation.
      7) Now all should work well – strart engine and check it

      Also you can make precize tuning.
      For this tuning you can use some diagnostic software.
      Drive vechicle a couple km and check long fuel trim- it should be no more than +/-8%.
      If higher – turn manually TPS a little bit and check again after some driving.
      Also you can tune it at stopped vehicle at 3000 rpm.

      if there is no diagnostic port and software, you can make precize tuning with next sequence:
      1) disconnect battery and press brake pedal for 2-3 minutes. This should erase adaptations and trouble codes.
      2) Disconnect ( cut) signal wire of oxygen sensor from ecu and connect voltmeter between OS signal and chassis.
      3) At 3000 rpm , rotate manually tps to get 0.5-0.6 V at oxygen sensor wire.
      5) Tighten bolts of TPS and connect signal wire from oxygen sensor to ECU.
      Thats all.

      If you have additional questions feel free to ask 🙂

  6. BIll

    Do you have Throttle valve Spindle part?
    Thank you

    1. Pin

      Sorry , we have not spindle.
      What about ebay, may be you can buy complete bottom part there ?

      1. BIll

        There is a full body of Throttle Injection but the price is too high. If only a Spindle sold, it will save expensese. If found any sources, please let me know. Thank you

  7. Евгений

    здравствуйте подскажите у меня Ауди 100 2.0л 115кабыл мне подойдёт ваше устройство? если да то сколько будет стоить с отправкой в воронеж?

  8. Ибрагим

    Привет как вы спасибо что есть такие люди как вы. У меня голф 1997 года автомат моник что подойдёт ему посоветуйте

    1. Ибрагим

      Ещё я живу в Азербайджане в Баку на счёт доставки хочу узнать и это на расход топлива влияет ?

  9. ediz sağlam


    Would you please inform me ; which model fits my Fiat UNO SX (1.4 liter İ.E) SPI engine?



    1. Pin

      On 1.4L there should be axis 8mm, so you wiil need a kit with bushing 8mm.
      Also you should know that this is olde version of this sensor.
      The newest version with bluetooth and connectors is available at http://3437022.com.

      If you have any additional questions – feel free to ask 🙂

  10. jerome

    I would need a TPS for my peugeot 2051.4i, but to order it’s not easy, why don’t you do an ebay shop?

    1. Pin

      Paypal don’t work in our country, so we cant use ebay for selling the goods.

  11. MarkFan

    Could you tell me the shipping fee to Taiwan Taipei ?
    And the account I can Remit the money to you I need One 8mm Your TPS for me

  12. MarkFan

    If you can use eBay selling TPS could you pass the link to me thanks

    1. Pin

      You can order new version here 3437022.com
      But we can ship it only at the beginning of august, because borders are still closed.
      So it will be better to make order at the beginning of august.

  13. Eric Keil


    I have a 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 (3FE Engine). With fuel injection and VFM. I would like to try your TPS converter to replace the Toyota version. The Toyota Part Number is 89452-28030. Do you have anything to replace the Toyota TPS?

    Nice Work!!!
    Eric Keil

    1. Eric Keil

      I can send you the LAnd Cruiser TPS device if that helps.

    2. Pin

      Hello. We already have universal board and sensor which culd be adapted on any vehicle. The price will be 120$
      Check this with a google translate http://shop.pilotpowersupply.com/product/unitps_4m40/
      This is version for pajero.
      We not added description here because borders are still closed for shipping( covid) – hope it will be opened at august.
      It s not a problem to make a mount for your throttle, but i will need some photos of your throttle without sensor, sensor’s photo from back and front and you will need to measure mounting dimensions.
      By the way – where are you from ?

      p.s. You can write directly to this email

      1. Eric Keil

        Pictures and Dimensions link was sent to the pilotpowersupply email.

  14. Derrick Chong

    May I know if you can deliver to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia? If yes what would the cost be like? Thanks.


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