Diagnostic Adapter USB- Nissan Consult + Kline OBDII + VAGCOM + Toyota DLC1 ++ bluetooth

By | 2015/01/22

New version Nissan Consult+Kline OBDII+VAGCOM+Toyota DLC1 + Bluetooth

This diagnostic adapter is designed for

  •  diagnosis of electronic systems of Nissan cars from 1989 to 2005 release supports diagnostic protocol Consult through 14pin diagnostic connector.
  • OBD2 k-line
  • VAG /AUDI  k-line vith VAGCOM  or VAG TOOL software
  • OLD Toyota cars with DLC1 diagnostic connector


Technical characteristics
Interface to connect to a PC is USB
Bluetooth interface(if bluetooth module installed) for Android devices and PC . Diagnostics via bluetooth works only with NISSAN vehicles.

Power from on-board vehicle network via diagnostic connector 8-15V
Read and clear fault codes
Read the output parameters in real time
Reset adaptation
Test actuators (valve idling, air conditioning, fan, etc.).

Supported Software
DDLreader: DDLreader v.15c / DDLreader v.16c
ConZult, Free ConZult
SRTalk v.1.0
ZCSetup v.2.0
ZTalk v.1.1
Nissan Data Scan v.1.4
Nissan Data Scan v.1.51

Which cars have been tested to work with this board?
AUS 200SX S14 (SR20DET)
AUS 200SX S15 (SR20DET)
AUS Maxima A32 (VQ30DE)
AUS Pulsar N14 (GA16DE)
AUS Pulsar N14 (SR20DE)
AUS Pulsar N15 (GA16DE)
AUS Pulsar N14 (SR20DE)
JDM 180SX S13 (SR20DET)
JDM Silvia S14 (SR20DE)
JDM Silvia S15 (SR20DET)
JDM Pulsar RNN14 GTiR (SR20DET)
JDM Pulsar GTi (SR18DE)
JDM Bluebird U14 (SR18DE)
JDM Bluebird U15 (SR20DET)
JDM Skyline R32 (RB20DET)
JDM Skyline R32 GTR (RB26DETT)
JDM Skyline R33 (RB25DET)
JDM Skyline R33 (RB20DE)
JDM Skyline R33 GTR (RB26DETT)
JDM Skyline R34 (RB25DET NEO)
JDM ’94 Cefiro A32 (VQ30DE)
JDM Avenir PWN10 (SR20DE)
CAN ’92 Infiniti G20 (SR20DE)
US 300Z Z32 (VG30DE/TT)
US Sentra B13 SE-R(SR20DE)
US 240SX (KA24E)
US 240SX (KA24DE)
US NX2000 (SR20DE)
US NX1600(GA16DE)
US ’94 Sentra B13 (GA16DE)
US Maxima A32 (VQ30DE)
US ’93 Altima (KA24DE)
US ’93-97 INFINITI J30 (VG30DE)
US ’91-97 INFINITI Q45 (VH45DE)
UK Almera N15 GTI (SR20DE)
UK 200SX S14a (SR20DET)
UK Micra K11 (CG13DE/CG10DE
UK 1993 Primera P10 (SR20DE)
FRA 200SX S14 (SR20DET)
FRA ’93 100NX 2.0 GTI (=NX coupe) (SR20DE)
GER Almera NX (GA16DE)
GER ’91 300ZX Z32 (VG30DETT)
’99 Maxima A32 (VQ30DE)

Can this board be used on other Nissan vehicles ?
Yes, it should work with all Nissan models that have a DDL connector.

What does the DDL connector look like?
usually is located under the drivers or passenger dash

What’s included in packaging?
Consult Board (Ready To Use!) works 100% via usb – 1pcs.

Recommendations for use
‪1.‬ Connect the adapter to the PC and install the driver( virtual com port)
‪2.‬ When ignition is turned off, connect the adapter to the diagnostic connector, with the white(or black)  dot-label is an adapter to the DDL connector which has chamfered corners (see Fig. CLCK, GROUND, RX,TX  side) Warning!, Wrong connection can take the adapter out of order.
‪3.‬ Run diagnostic software and turn on the ignition, if necessary, start the engine.
‪4.‬ Diagnosis and reading errors made in accordance with the documentation specific diagnostic software.
‪5.‬ At the end of diagnostics turn the ignition off and disconnect the adapter from the diagnostic connector


You can order this adpter with preinstalled bluetooth module or  buy bluetooth and some additional parts  separately and install it by yourself.


Pinout and connection to a different  vehicles

Driver and diagnostic software

DDL Reader v1.0.0.15  and  v1.0.0.16

Any other questions? send us a message today!

Product Options
1With preinstalled Bluetooth module$45.00
2Without Bluetooth module$36.00

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30 thoughts on “Diagnostic Adapter USB- Nissan Consult + Kline OBDII + VAGCOM + Toyota DLC1 ++ bluetooth

  1. Silviu

    Great blog, however when I press the Data Scan link I get a page not found.
    Also, ScanTech reached to version 1.51 if I am not mistaken.
    Could you update the link to latest version?
    Or at least send it to me by email…

    Thank you!

      1. Chua

        Can you helping me make up one circuit to Nissan ud ,I need 24v UD trucks 14pin diagnostic tool

  2. Rickson

    This thing is amazing! 😀 I’ve been using mine as a built in dash and it runs really well. I’m impressed!

    1. Pin

      Thanks for your review.
      What software do you use?

  3. Jason

    Are these still available?

    Jason, Western Australia

  4. Jahn

    i know its of topic, but do you also have a consult to obd2 adapter? i have a rb26dett out of a r32 gtr, but need an obd2 signal for an application i want to use.



    1. Pin

      Hello. Sorry, we have not obd adapter.
      If there RX TX pins in your OBD connector , and standard OBD adpter doesn’t diagnose your vehicle, then you can buy our adaper + some consult to obd adapter on ebay. Or connect it directly by using some wires.

      1. Jahn


        thx for the response. i was told that the consult programming language is different as OBD2 and i cannot read the consult data with a OBD2 divice, even if i had a consult to OBD2 adapter cable.



        1. Pin

          This adapter is just hardware interface for software on PC or Android.
          Consult language is a software’s work.
          The best and free software which work with our adapter is Ecutalk and DDLReader.

  5. Greg

    Will this work with a early-mid 1990s Toyota TCCS ECU similar to the way ToyObd1 does?
    What data would I exo4ect to read?

    1. Pin

      Hello. This is just hardware interface. So what data will be available depends on which software you will use 🙂

  6. Navin

    Morning all,
    I’m new here and want to get some guidance.
    I wanted to know which of OBD devices can be used on a Nissan Terrano II build in year 1996. It is an Diesel with an TD27 Engine with PR 50 body. Underneath the dash I find a optional OBD plug with 14 pins. Think it’s the first designs.

    Could some one help me identify which ODB the best can and will work on this car.
    Specifically, the package that needs to work with this type.


    1. Pin

      What diesel pump installed on your td27- mechanical or ETI?
      If there is no ETI then nothing to diagnose 🙂

  7. Jahn

    hello Pin,

    its me again. to explain why i need obd2 output instead of consult is, because i want to use an exhaust valve controlling device, which just works with obd2.

    so is there anything with which i can translate the consult software language to obd2, or can you perhaps help me out?


    1. Pin

      Hello Jahn
      Glad to see you again 🙂
      Sorry but i dont know any ready solution, which translates consult to OBD2.

      Maybe you can write to manufacturer of this device.
      I think It will be more simple to add Consult support in the device’s firmware , instead of developing translator.

  8. Chua

    This consult can use to 24V nissan us heavy duty truck

    1. Pin

      Sorry it is not compatible with 24V directly.
      It is possible to convert it to 24 V, but what software will work with the trucks ?

      1. Chua

        Nissan ud heavy data truck,1992-2000 14pin consult diagnostic

  9. Chua

    Use purchases for drivers and diagnostic software

  10. Chua

    Before entering the diagnostic tool, you must start the E C U to enter the diagnostic program, and then the diagnostic tool can enter the E C U connection, right?
    14-pin diagnostic socket for UD truck, 1 = rx, 2 = tx, 7 = 24v ign, 8 = Gnd, 9 = clk, what can I do to get E C U into the diagnostic program.
    1=rx20.34v,2=tx=321…mv,7=24v ign=28.39v,8=Gnd,9=clk=196mv.

  11. Tony Cassidy

    Hello from NZ
    I am interested in the module with pre-installed bluetooth to use on 14 pin Nissan Consult female plug (in a Japanese Terrano with a QD32eti diesel). Does the module come as a PCB and you plug it in as shown in the video. (or is it meant to be installed in an enclosure
    I intend to use an android phone to monitor live data using Nissan Data Scan1 (NDS1) for android software
    Does the module also include USB connection – what type?
    Is the bluetooth BT2.0 class 2.
    Could you have used a BT3.0 chip to increase data transfer speed in your PCB
    Lastly, what currency is $45
    Many thanks, Tony

    1. Pin

      Sorry it is not available now.
      Waiting for new pcbs.