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Pilot CCE is specially designed microprocessor based board, which provides you to correctly  remove catalytic converter from your car.This is a must-have upgrade if you have removed the catalytic converter or even installed a decat pipe, an aftermarket header, a free flow catback or high flow cat. The modified engine now produces a larger amount of exhaust gases than allowed. When the oxygen sensor delivers the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) a signal that is not within the manufacturer’s specifications the OBD-II (OnBoard Diagnostic) system logs an error accordingly check engine light will illuminate, resulting in ECU safe / limp mode and reduced performance at the wheels.

The PILOT CCE firmware  use rear oxygen sensor signal, modifying it with requirements of physical model of catalyst and output to the ECU (electronic control unit) is the processed signal is fed in such a form in which it was proper for the catalyst. Thus, the ECU thinks the catalyst works perfectly (no more error p0420, p0430, and other work-related catalyst) and the replacement of the catalyst is no longer required. So you can delete catalyst and simply install flash suppressor or a body of a catalyst.

The main advantages of Pilot CCE:

  • 100% works on  Lexus (Rx300, 330, Lx470, Es300), Toyota, KIA,VW, MAZDA, Nissan, Honda. The efficiency performance of our simulator can clearly see in the diagnostic mode, Mode $06 with any generic scanner.
  • Full firmware  emulation of heating of the catalyst, reaction to enrichment/enleanment and EGR system.
  • Two channels of processing. That is, can be easily installed on a V-shaped engines with two catalysts and two additional oxygen sensors – i.e. you do not need to buy two emulators.
  • Has the ability to configure and logging of all parameters with a special emulation program (need to collect cable to connect to a COM port)
  • Updating the firmware in case of new versions.
  • Before sending to the client, we have preload and tune all configuration parameters of emulator and make perfomance test. So in most cases you dont need to make any tuning of this device.
  • Hardly anywhere else you will find a 2 channel emulator of the catalyst in this price.

Installation on a car

Before installing on the car, it is strongly recommended that you remove the internal of the catalysts, as well as to ensure proper operation of rear oxygen sensor using a generic scanner or voltmeter.

The installation is made according to the following scheme

(If your browser does not increase the image, save it and open with any image viewer)

Please note – it’s very important to connect  negative power supply(GND) of  simulator to the signal ground of  ECU( case or mounting).

Heater wires of oxygen sensor have the same colors,  to find which one of them is fed +12 V, use a multimeter.

For 4-cylinder engines( with a one catalyst and  one rear oxygen sensor)  the second channel of the emulator will not connected  anywhere.

Here  is a list of new cars  in which  this emulator was installed and tested
Please, let me know when you  will have installed this emulator on your vehicle  and also  some vehicle information like  Model, Year, Engine
Then i will add this info here- it seems to be helpful to someone


Jeep Grand Cherokee 2002г 4.7HO
Toyota Highlander
Toyota Rav4 2-nd gen 2004 year 2.0L California – needs emulator with special firmware for it  🙂 Ohter RAV4 models work with standard firmware.
BMWe46 2003г N42
Mitsubishi Outlander 2010 –   needs emulator with special firmware for it  🙂
Toyota Corolla 2009г 1.8л

Lesus GX,RX,LX,GS,IS series
Toyota Sequoia
Toyota Camry 2.4 all models (include PZEV engines)
Mazda all models


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